It’s Not Right… But it’s Okay

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…if we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future.’ Everyone has a past. But what if it becomes daunting baggage and spills over into the future? A fiercely independent, career-driven girl, Angira, has recently changed her Facebook status to ‘single in Mumbai’. While work has been her only priority, a twist of fate brings Ved—a strikingly handsome footballer, the heart-throb of the college—into her life. He seems genuine and fun-loving, but based on past experiences, Angira knows better than to trust him! Despite their contrasting personalities, the two develop an unexpected bond—a link for which they are about to risk everything they have. A riveting tale about incorrigible lovers with a dark past, It’s Not Right…but It’s Okay is a true story about finding friendship and love again.

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Anuj… “It’s not right but it’s okay” The best new year gift .. No words to explain the feeling tat I got while reading. Man from journey of two hearts and now with this book u have emerged as a great writer. when I got this book I started reading next moment and my Bro teased me oh Come on u gonna read as usual and cry whole night..Even I expected it slightly.. But since beginning it just gave me a new perspective of love life friendship mindset people .. i laughed like crazy smiled pouted grinned emotional anger blushed (Even I don’t know y ) everything I did while reading this book. your words made me feel everything u wrote and I can place myself there and experience it. Also it increases my belief and hope tat still true love friendship exists and Anushka Arjun with Angira charu makes it more real.. Eyes searched for tat for letter everywhere but happened felt complete when found in final page off course it is Anuj..U gave me and every readers more than what u promised this new year.. –By Amirtha on 4 January 2016

The only word to describe this book is ‘Amazing’.. A perfect blend of love/romance/relationship/life…. Thank u so much Anuj for dealing all the various subjects with such delicacy.. The way you have penned down your thoughts is just excellent.. You make me believe in love and relationships yet again.. Ur thoughts related to love/friendship is so pure and innocent.. I m everything the character of yours.. I wish i cud find a friend like Arjun who with always b just a call away whenever needed.. Reading your book makes me believe with definitely find a friend like Arjun.. Ur book makes me cry all time and this time too i cried..I guess i should not gt too sentimental and there by i congratulate u fr your third book.. I m sure this book of yours is definitely going to b a kick one.. Cheers to many more success and loads of happiness. –By A Customer on 6 January 2016

Really a good book from Anuj Tiwari. I didn’t expected this book to b this much good. Really awesome. Each & every page feels like read it again & again. And also he spread a good message in his book. So expecting more books from Anuj Tiwari. Thanks to him for his book Its not Right but its okay. –By Baru on Feb 3, 2016

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Anuj Tiwari is the bestselling author of true stories, Journey of Two Hearts (2012), It Had to Be You(2014) and It’s Not Right…but It’s Okay (2016). A speaker in many colleges, universities and platforms such as IIM, TEDx, his stories are based on real-life incidents that he has recorded over the years. As known as author of true stories, newspapers Association of India has awarded him as ‘Best Emerging Author’ in 2014. Having a splendid presence on social media, he has been also listed under top 10 most influential Indian authors in 2016. With an engineering degree along with MBA in finance and human resources, Mr. Tiwari works in Mumbai as an IT professional and marketing consultant.


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